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Is TWhining the new whining?

Posted by Dr. Susan on May 25, 2012

I thought that once my kids were older I’d be done with having to listen to them whine, but I seem to have entered a new, unfortunate phase…TWHINING… whining via text.

Below, a few examples–my intention is to garner support of other parents experiencing this particular type of torture, and terrify those who are not there yet and were hoping a cell phone would free them of having to endure whining–because after all, preteens and teens don’t really talk to you anymore other than through texting…hah! behold…

“Mommmyyy, I reeeeellllly don’t want to…”

“Ik, ik, ik, oookkkkk I’ll dooo it…i proommiisse”

“Omg, I sooooo do not wnt to, plzzzz dnt make me!”

“I’m begggiiingg u, plzzz l promis, i will”

“heeelp me plzzz”



It’s almost impossible to escape twhining because it can find you anywhere and if you ignore it, it simply ramps up, attacking your phone during meetings, lunches, phonecalls and even as you’re falling asleep at night (yes, I keep my phone next to my bed. I use the alarm to wake up…and I’m probably one of those addicted PDA users you keep hearing about–aren’t you!)

But, I digress…I’ve begun to twhine right back at my three teens, I find its the only way to survive!…

“Omg, really…noooooo u can’t stay out til midnight”

“Ik, ik, I’m THE wooorst mother EVER!!!”

I have to admit that twhining is a bit better than whining because I can put it on vibrate…or even, when I’m feeling really brave, on silent…aaahhh!

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crossing the street is harder than it seems…for kids

Posted by Dr. Susan on January 27, 2009

A really cool new study involving simulations and avatars, demonstrates that kids who talk on a cell phone while crossing the street are more likely to get hit by a car, than those who don’t. Since so many kids have phones, it is up to PARENTS to make sure that you teach your child when to hang up or STOP texting and when to really pay attention to what he or she is doing. Crossing the street can be dangerous–especially at a busy intersection. The age of technology requires rules of everything–including crossing the street!!

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