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Mayor Bloomberg, banning sodas will only make the obesity problem worse!

Posted by Dr. Susan on May 31, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg of NYC wants to ban sugary soda larger than sixteen ounces…

Really! How about if Mayor Bloomberg and all the other local, state and national politicians focus their attention to issues that are actually their business. We do NOT live in a dictatorship, we are allowed to drink and eat whatever we want.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that we or our kids should be downing large quantitites of sugar (or fat), in fact I’ve written a bunch of books about being healthy.That being said, if the politicians stopped fighting with each other and spent their time focusing on education, real economic improvements and other issues that crucial to the welfare of the United States, maybe people–adults, teens kids–would be more likely to become healthy.

So you’re asking…how  exactly are politics and health related? Actually, very much so…

If you tell a child over and over again that he isn’t as smart or successful as the other kids, then you throw in a dysfunctional family life, with parents fighting all the time, and then you don’t even give him the tools to improve things, I guarantee you that this child is MUCH more likely to feel depressed, hopeless and worthless. As we all know, when someone feels really bad, he’s less likely to care about how he looks, he’s more likely to eat emotionally and he’s less likely to be motivatefd to make healthy changes.

Sound like anyone you know? Perhaps our WHOLE country!! Our education systems throughout the entire U.S. are embarassing compared to so many other countries, we are struggling economically, and our ‘parents’ (the politicians) are constantly bickering and outright fighting.

No wonder we are overeating sugar and fat–talk about needing to self-soothe!

So this brings me back to Bloomberg and his suggested ban on super-sized sodas….

Mr. Bloomberg and ALL the other politicians who think that controlling our calories is going to make a difference. The obesity rate in this country is a SYMPTOM, not the underlying problem. We need you to make changes that will actually make us feel valued, valuable, safe and secure. Then we’ll stop binge-eating junk food!

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