In It For Health

Where health and psychology intersect

About the blog

We live in a fast-paced, stressful world with little time to think about the way our feelings, behavior and actions affect our health, work, and relationships–our entire life. But when we make these connections and then choose to make even small changes in our lives, our quality life improves dramatically. We feel less stressed, more productive, in better control, healthier, and more satisfied with our relationships. My life’s work (aside from my husband and I making sure our three children grow up into three great adults) is to help ALL people individually and within organizations to take charge and–rather than seeking fault elsewhere–make changes and realize that their health and their destiny is in their own control.

This blog analyzes health and psychological research that helps you make these changes easily, on a daily basis.

Your health is first–the health of your present and future.

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