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About me

I am a psychologist, consultant, speaker and author, helping people recognize that they can have greater control over their emotional health and physical well-being. I will show you how to improve the quality of your life–at work, at home or at school–by teaching you a range of skills to successfully meet even your most challenging moments head-on. My goal is to provide a perspective and practical skills that allow you to balance life’s demands through adaptive coping strategies so you can truly value the positive aspects of your life.

I focus on all aspects of stress reduction and life-balance for corporations, schools, individuals and other organizations.

You can reach me at

One Response to “About me”

  1. Enrique Rivera said


    My name is Enrique Rivera and I’m a producer with Talk of the Nation on National Public Radio. I am sorry for hte last minute request but we are doing a segment today, live at 3 PM EST, connected to Dr. Richard Friedman’s piece in the New York Times “Accepting That Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds.” We saw your online post regarding this piece and were hoping you’d be available for this interview. Can I give you a call at some point soon?

    Thank you,

    Enrique Rivera
    Producer, Talk of the Nation
    National Public Radio
    (202) 513-2341
    Cell: (202) 361-1857

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