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step by steps for how to tell others you’ve lost your job

Posted by Dr. Susan on October 14, 2009

Dr. Bartell tells the Wall Street Journal’s website filife what to do when you’ve lost your job: be honest, stick with those who are supportive and those who aren’t…leave them in the dust!

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Office pranks…not that funny

Posted by Dr. Susan on October 5, 2009

Dr. Bartell gives her opinion to the the N.Y. Post about when it’s okay to prank your office mates and when it’s not. Mostly it’s not…unless everyone’s laughing, save the prank for another time.

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Cyber-snooping on your partner–yes or no?

Posted by Dr. Susan on October 1, 2009

The internet can be used for many things, including snooping on your partner if you think they may be cheating on you. But what if they find out you’re snooping and they’re not cheating?

This article in The NY Daily News, gives you the pros and cons to snooping (check out my viewpoint in the article on this timely topic!)

The truth is, that if you are questioning the trust in your relationship, talking to your partner is much healthier than snooping. But if you think that snooping is the only way to pry honesty out of them (and you really, really want to know the truth!), then brace yourself and start snooping. Just read the article and be forewarned of the possible consequences!

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