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crossing the street is harder than it seems…for kids

Posted by Dr. Susan on January 27, 2009

A really cool new study involving simulations and avatars, demonstrates that kids who talk on a cell phone while crossing the street are more likely to get hit by a car, than those who don’t. Since so many kids have phones, it is up to PARENTS to make sure that you teach your child when to hang up or STOP texting and when to really pay attention to what he or she is doing. Crossing the street can be dangerous–especially at a busy intersection. The age of technology requires rules of everything–including crossing the street!!

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Calmer, less stressed–you’re less likely to get Alzheimer’s…really!

Posted by Dr. Susan on January 22, 2009

More and more research reinforces the idea that there is a strong relationship between your emotional and your physical health. Here is one more study that proves this point! The researchers looking at a group of aging folks found that those who were less stressed, calmer, and more go with the flow, were less likely to develop Alzheimers than those who were more stressed and neurotic.

It goes without say that brain changes don’t begin when you get your AARP card! No matter what your age, learning how to manage stress effectively–both at work and at home–is critical. Studies have shown impacts of stress on breast cancer, the heart and many other aspects of health. This is one more example.

Begin now! Take steps to change your life so that both your emotional and physical life are healthier.

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Virginity pledges for teens…uh what do you think?

Posted by Dr. Susan on January 3, 2009

Teens make pledges to do and not do all sorts of things…not drink, not have sex, be BFF’s. Do these pledges work. What do you think. A researcher at Johns Hopkins looked at teen virginity pledges to be specific to see if teens stuck to them. The results of the study didn’t surprise me.

Bottom line: teens who take pledges are just as likely to have sex (ANY kind of sex–not just vaginal!) as those who don’t. In fact, five years down the road, more than eight percent of the pledgers denied even taking the pledge!!

Bottom, bottom line…teens need REAL sex ed…not denial, not a pledge and not just forced abstinence. Maybe our new president will see to that. One can only hope.

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