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Are we finally starting to get the message about obesity?

Posted by Dr. Susan on May 28, 2008

a newly released CDC study cautiously finds that the rate of childhood obesity in the U.S. seems to have leveled off. It hasn’t dropped, the researchers note, just stabilized. And they don’t know yet whether this is a temporary blip or a real cause for hope. Let’s say it like it is–the rate of overweight and obesity is still 58 percent. This tells us that we need to keep working at it. Perhaps things really are changing. I hope so. Perhaps the government just wants us to think things are improving so that they can rationalize the huge amounts of money they have been spending on fairly inconsequential changes that they have made to try and move Americans towards becoming healthier. Let’s see the government make really significant changes. I bet if all the money spent on the war had been spent on making Americans healthier, we’d all have lifetime memberships to health clubs.


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