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Is Miley selling out? Nope, her parents are doing it for her!

Posted by Dr. Susan on April 30, 2008

Today, Annie Leibovitz’s famous Vanity Fair photos of Miley Cyrus, inferred naked, wrapped in a sheet, hit the newstands. The debates are raging. Is she selling out? Shouldn’t she have known better? Is it Annie Leibovitz’s fault–she’s the photographer after all, shouldn’t she have been more responsible. What about Miley’s parents? Shouldn’t they have had better judgment about letting their 15-year old pose for such seductive shots? Actually, I don’t blame the photographer at all, despite reading many opinions that do. Miley’s not her kid! She’s looking for the most artistic shot, the most sensational shot. Her responsibility is to the magazine that’s hired her. Miley herself is a kid. Her brain–lots of research shows–is not yet developed enough to make good judgments. Therefore it is her parents who are to blame. YES! They are the ones who could have and should have looked at those pictures and vetoed them because they are incredibly sexualized for starters. Is that what they want for their daughter?┬áNot to mention that they fly in the face of her Hannah Montana image–just poor judgment for sure. Haven’t they seen what has happened with all the other corrupt teen celebs. Don’t they want more for their girl? Who knows I guess?

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