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feeding your kids sugar every morning?

Posted by Dr. Susan on April 23, 2008

This study demonstrates the absolute height of marketing irresponsiblity in which large companies selling food for children are allowed to engage in whatever kind of advertising they want to sell their product, regardless of how healthy it really is. This simple, yet brilliant research demonstrates that the cereals marketed to children are, across the board, less healthy (more sugar, more sodium etc) than the cereals we eat ourselves!! But parents are not free of responsibility. Oh no. It is our job as good parents to be educated consumers and think–yes really contemplate what we’re going to agree to put into the bodies of our children–especially first thing in the morning when the food they eat will feed their brains for the school day. Yet so many parents continue to buy cereal that’s practically candy and cookies–sometimes even shamelessly named for thes–while we’re munching away on low sugar, low salt, low fat healthier alternatives. Let’s chew on that for a while!

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