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No TV in you teen’s bedroom!

Posted by Dr. Susan on April 7, 2008

This new study, not surprisingly, links TV in teens’ bedrooms to being overweight and the American Academy of Pediatrics is urging parents to remove TV’s from their kids’ rooms. Previous studies have shown similar links between TV and chubbiness for younger kids, so these findings are a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. But have you tried to take a TV out of a teenager’s bedroom…sound like a peaceful interchange to you??!! I don’t think so!!!

So, the most important information we can gain from this study is that a parent should not put a TV in their child’s room in the first place. It is virtually impossible to remove a TV from a teen’s room, without causing enormous stress in your relationship with him or her. But although not pain free, it is easier to say NO to the TV in the first place and stick to it!

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