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Take the TV out of your child’s bedroom

Posted by Dr. Susan on March 7, 2008

I’ve been encouraging parents for years to keep the TV out of their┬ákid’s room but it sure is nice to have the NY Times agree with me. For one thing, when your child has a TV in their room, you don’t even know how much they’re watching and trust me, you’re underestimating–and by a lot!! Also, you don’t know what they’re watching. Then there’s the issue of the ‘closed door, we never see you except for meals’ problem. Well, you created it–they have the TV, probably the computer too, so what do you expect. Children with TV’s in their room are more likely to be overweight. They’re also more likely to do more poorely in school. NO, it’s not the only cause of these problems–but it is something you can control and since there are so many negative factors in the world that you can’t control, this is one that you should!

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