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mixed messages

Posted by Dr. Susan on February 20, 2008

President’s week in the northeast U.S. is a time to flee if you can–it’s freezing! So this week I’m happy to say, my husband, kids and I have headed south to a warmer climate, blue skies and even bluer waters. One of my favorite parts of vacation is people watching. How about the father, meticulously spraying his, let’s say 10-year old, with #50 sunscreen, right down to the toes, while simultaneously blowing secondhand smoke in the child’s face from the big ‘ole cigar that he was clutching in his free hand–the new spray sunblock makes it conveniently easy to do both at once! How’s that for a mixed message…I’ll make sure you avoid getting one type of cancer while giving you another. Parenting can be complicated…

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