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Computer time

Posted by Dr. Susan on February 4, 2008

I was recently asked to review Jumpstart World–learning software for the early elementary set. My kids are all to old for Jumpstart World now, but they grew up on Jumpstart software–they and we loved it for what all that it taught them and that it was so much fun. So I jumped (pun intended!) at the opportunity to take a look at this software.

In addition to reviewing it myself through the eyes of a mom and a child psychologist, I also gave it to my favorite six-year old to use.

Neither of us were disappointed! Knowledge Adventure (the creators of Jumpstart World) continue to please–both cognitively and just as important, with fun, fun, fun!

Through my psychologist-mom eyes, what I am particularly impressed with is the ability for World to challenge kids and really stretch their brains to learn new skills while at the same time make them feel that they are having fun.

Sit with your child and see for yourself! And remember, even the best computer games are no subsitute for spending real time with you, with friends, or outside.

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