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Giving my youngest a cell phone

Posted by Dr. Susan on September 6, 2007

My youngest child is 9-years old and she’s been begging for a cell phone. Her older siblings both had to wait until they were at least in double digits until getting theirs. But, we live in such a technologically propelled world that cell phones are becoming part of the fabric of the lives of even the youngest kids. So then I was offered the opportunity to ‘test drive’ the new Kajeet cell phone which is especially designed for kids (and parents) I jumped at the opportunity. The Kajeet is a pay-a-you-go phone which you can set up with your credit card to automatically refill when it dips below a certain amount of money. The fee per call and text is very reasonable and most interstingly, when you set up the phone on the Kajeet website ( you can choose how you want the money designated, this way your child can’t use all the money for calls or texts to friends, leaving none for calls to you, or for emergencies. It’s a very empowering system and really teaches kids about budgeting! My daughter loves the Kajeet–the graphics are amazing and it’s very user friendly–she’d entered all her contacts within minutes with no help from me or either her brother or sister (much to their chagrin!) The Kajeet gets an A-plus in our house for kid-friendliness and parent practicality. And as a child psychologist, I see great value to kids learning the responsibility of managing a cell phone and the budgeting that the Kajeet encourages.  

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