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Mattel’s new website for parents of girls

Posted by Dr. Susan on July 1, 2007

Mattel, the creater of Barbie has a fledging website for parents called We Believe in Girls, designed to give parents a voice about raising girls in our complex, pressured world. And who better to raise awareness about girls and to support the parents of girls, than Mattel and of course, Barbie! Through the years Barbie has been the girl and the woman that has endgendered each of our daughters (and even ourselves) whether she was wishing she was a model, a mom, a doctor, a best friend, a girlfriend or a veterinarian, Barbie has allowed our daughters to express the full range of who they could possibly be. It is exciting to see Mattel supporting our daughters’ emotional growth through this new website. Parents need many places to voice their concerns and to find support in raising daughters, perhaps this will become a good resource for both of these.

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