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The government has finally realized that kids are gaining weight??

Posted by Dr. Susan on June 13, 2007

It finally seems to have hit the government’s radar that unless they actually use the words ‘fat’ and ‘obese’, they are not really confronting the ever growing problem of obesity amongst children and teens in the U.S. today. Finally, instead of calling kids “at risk” when they’re already overweight, the government is entertaining the possibility of actually using the word ‘overweight’ to tell it like it is! It’s sure taken long enough! There’s so much fear about hurting people’s feelings that in the meantime kids’ bodies are being hurt permanently and perhaps irreversibly because parents are made to believe by their pediatricians that a child is ‘at risk’ for overweight, when he or she is already very much overweight; or that a child is merely overweight when he or she is already obese. But it’s possible to be sensitive and realistic at the same time–pediatricians and other health practitioners need to start addressing the reality of the problem–the government must give them the tools to do so! Parents need to know where their children stand physically–when they are not told the truth, they cannot address the problem.

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