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Alec Baldwin’s rant–it’s not just a celebrity issue

Posted by Dr. Susan on April 28, 2007

Yes, it was horrifying and we heard it so many times played over and over!! But as the author of a book for divorcing parents on exactly this topic–Mommy or Daddy: Whose Side am I on?–I feel compelled to point out that there is, I’m sure another side to this story. Not that it excuses Baldwin, it doesn’t! However, undoubtedly Basinger released the awful tape–at the expense of her poor daughter–just to get back at Baldwin. What kind of mothering is that. Furthermore, it’s likely that she doesn’t make sure that Ireland remembers to call her dad when she’s supposed to and perhaps she even goes out of her way to sabotage the relationships between father and daughte. She may even make Ireland feel guilty for wanting to have a relationship with Baldwin, putting the child in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between her parents. This desribes the Parental Alienation Syndrome that Baldwin claims to be the victim of–and perhaps he is. It doesn’t exucse his phone message, but if he feels rejected, hurt and abandoned by his daughter, at least it explains it a bit. In fact,  in many non-celebrity families parents fight using their children as weapons against each other. Children are damaged for life by this. If you’re one of these parents, take a minute to think about it–acting in the best interest of your child should govern every move you make, no matter how angry you are, or how vindictive you feel. Your child needs both parents, even if you’re done with your ex-spouse.

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VA Tech

Posted by Dr. Susan on April 20, 2007

The Tragedy of VA Tech has permeated the country. I was on FOX News last night, on Hannity and Colmes, discussing the profile of the murderer. Clearly, he was psychotic, probably schizophrenic. What is most upsetting to me is why his family didn’t pay attention to his psychiatric disorder long before he reached college. From the interviews with kids with whom he went to HS, he was depressed, disconnected and disconnected for years prior to this event–which most likely represented his first major break with reality. Had his family been paying close attention to his psychological state he might not even have been away at college. Then of course there is the University–the ‘red flags’ were clear. After stalking two girls he should have been kicked out of school, and not allowed back until he gave permission for his parents to be contacted. This would have alerted them to a problem–presumably they were paying his tuition. This may not have stopped him from coming back with a gun, but it surely would have lessened the likelihood of such a mass murder. Psychiatric disturbance needs to be taken seriously, often this is not done. As a nation we worry too much about money, about education and about politics, it’s time we paid attention to the mental health of our citizens too, for the good of us all!

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Posted by Dr. Susan on April 17, 2007

There’s been a lot of talk concerning Imus’ comments about the Rutgers girls’ basketball team and while I think his comments weren’t all that nice, it seems to me that the point is being missed by a gigantic long-shot and that the real problem is that the leaders of the hip-hop community who are making multi-billions of dollars are taking no responsibility for the type of music they are allowing to be produced. In addition, why aren’t parents stopping kids from calling each other the very same names that they are furious with Imus for using…when you think of yourself and allow your friends to call you demeaning names, and listen to music that does the same, the boundaries become blurred. The black leaders are keeping their own people repressed by not standing against this type of self-demeaning language. Imus is an aging white guy trying to connect with a wider audience. Focusing on him as the problem is just another excuse for the hip-hop big shots to keep on making their money off their own psychologically repressed people.

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