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Girl fights

Posted by Dr. Susan on January 30, 2007

I’ve been inundated lately with requests to comment on the latest “girl fight” that has been discovered on the internet. If you click here and go to “Unanswered Questions” you’ll see the interview I did last night with Bill O’Reilly.  What’s interesting to me is that what most of the interviewers want to focus on is the fights between the girls–why they’re fighting (girls have become much more violent in recent years), why fighting amongst girls has increased (it is spurred on by boys, it is modeled in the media, parents don’t discourage it–or they’re in denial). But for some reason, there doesn’t seem to be much interest by the media in WHY kids are so fascinated with posting their fights online–even risking being caught to do so–this is a new form of entertainment, it seems to me. Why isn’t this alarming to people, why isn’t the media more concerned about this? This is the biggest worry as far as I’m concerned! Fighting and beating each other up is a problem–absolutely! But to be so proud that you have beaten someone to a pulp that you want to post it for the world to see–that sounds a bit sociopathic to me–isn’t THAT newsworthy??? Is the media not paying attention to this scary factor??? What’s up with that. Why aren’t we, the parents, the general population worried about that part of it?? What’s going on that kids need to not only be so violent, but make sure that as many people as possible are able to witness it? 

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