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kidnapped kids

Posted by Dr. Susan on January 13, 2007

It’s an incredible story–Ben Ownby had been missing for four days, and Shawn Hornbeck had been missing four years, when the police found the two boys in their kidnappers apartment in Missouri. Needless to say, their parents are ecstatic–how coule they be anything but relieved and, especially Shawn’s parents, feeling like they had just been delivered of their greatest prayer. I read countless reports today on the case, and other similar cases (Elizabeth Smart, Steven Stayner), in preparation for an interview I was doing on CNN to discuss the psychological impact the kidnapping would have on the boys. It is incredible that they were found, but both boys are going to have an emotional recovery that will last the rest of their lives. And the fact that Ben was taken for only four days won’t necessarily make his trauma any less–it may seem like a “better” situation to us because, hey, being kidnapped for for days is definitely better than four years. But for Ben, the long-term impact could be just as horrifying. I feel for these kids and these families. I hope they reach out for as much good professional support as they can–they will all need it.

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