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Too much weighing causes weight gain

Posted by Dr. Susan on December 8, 2006

A new study shows a correlation between weight gain in teenage girls and how often girls weigh themselves. There seems to be a link between weighing and unhealthy eating behavior. I wonder if which comes first. Do you think that you eat unhealthily and then weigh yourself to see if you’ve gained weight? Or do you weigh yourself a lot and that somehow this triggers you to eat unhealthily. Or maybe you weigh yourself because you feel bad about eating a lot and seeing a high number on the scale reinforces that bad feeling. The point is that weighing yourself all the time is not good for you! I’ve been saying that all along. It is fine to weigh yourself once in a while, IF you’ve been eating healthily AND exercising and to make healthy changes in your life. But weighing yourself all the time will just make you feel bad about yourself because your weight can change from day to day even when you’re healthy. Frequent weighing is like negative self-talk, it’s not good for you!
Your health is always first!

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Holiday Health

Posted by Dr. Susan on December 1, 2006

It is the time of year when there are lots of parties and lots of junk food–many chances to overeat and to eat less healthily than ususal. It is also a very busy time of year–holiday shopping takes lots of of time!! So you may find that you have less chance to exercise. But, instead of finding yourself feeling bad because you’re not taking care of your body, don’t wait until the New Year to make your resolution to start over. Find a little time for yourself during the day to sneak in some physical activity–even walking quickly around the mall is exercise! Also, make at least some of your eating choices healthy ones. Make thoughful decisions about what you eat. Rather than just nibbling from the candy bowl or the chip basket, think about what healthy foods you can eat to satisfy cravings. Your body will thank you for it!
Your health is Always first.

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