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hurt feelings don’t go away

Posted by Dr. Susan on August 8, 2006

A new research study is showing us something really important—when someone close to you, like a parent or sibling—says hurtful thing about your body when you are a kid or teen (like if they call you ‘fat’) it can make you feel bad about your body for a long, long time…even when you’re already an adult. In fact, even if they say it to you only once in a while; and even if your relationship with them is usually good, it can STILL stick with you and make you feel bad about your body. So…if someone has said something about your body that has upset you, tell them and give them a chance to say sorry and also to make sure not to do it again.

If you are a parent, sibling or friend reading this, it’s important to think of ways to talk to the girl you care about without using words that might hurt her feelings. It’s best to talk about “being healthy” or “having a healthier lifestyle”. If you’re not sure what to say, ask for help!

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