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sneaky food company advertising

Posted by Dr. Susan on July 27, 2006

A really interesting new study shows that food companies are sneakily marketing candy, sweet cereals, cookies and other snack foods to kids by using websites in which advertising has been disguised as games, contests and activities–using the foods they’re advertising. Kids get into playing the games and don’t even realize that this is actually advertising. But the next time they’re in a store, you can be sure they’ll want to buy that food, drink or snack because they had such fun playing the game about it!! As a kid or teen (or parent) it’s super-important that you become educated about this, so you recognize this form of advertising even when it’s very well disguised as fun and games. Learning to understand all the different forms of advertising that exist, how they are delivered to you and how they can affect you (especially if you’re not aware of them), will give you more control in your life and help you make healthier choices!!
You can read about this study by clicking on this link:
Stay aware and stay healthy

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