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The latest on skinny celebs

Posted by Dr. Susan on July 7, 2006

Did you see “The Devil Wears Prada” yet? I thought it was a great movie except for the part when they talked about a size 4 being the “new 8” and when Andi (Anne Hathaway) decided she wanted to be chic but she couldn’t find any ‘sample size’ clothes that would fit her, even though she was a size 6–that’s tiny!!! So, let’s just be clear–a size 6 REALLY is small, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

To continue the message…there is an article in the 7/10 issue of Star magazine showing the horrifyingly skinny trend in today’s celebs. What are these girls thinking??? TRUE, it’s not healthy for your body to be overweight, BUT it’s just as unhealthy (sometimes even worse) to be extremely underweight. Seeing these skinny superstars like Nicole Ritchie and Hilary Duff, can make it really difficult for regular girls to figure out what exactly is thin enough and what is actually overweight. This issue is even more complicated because the size zero and double zero clothes make even thin girls feel fat.
So here’s my message to you–forget all the ridiculously skinny actresses and ask your doctor (or another adult you trust) what is a healthy weight for regular people–you in particular. Make that your goal, through healthy eating and exercise. Oh, and one more thing–it’s okay for it to take months and even years for you to reach your goal as long as you keep trying. It’s not good to lose twenty pounds in a few weeks by starving yourself!
Have a great summer

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