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Do you get family support?

Posted by Dr. Susan on June 12, 2006

A lot of interesting research lately has been revealing that many parents think their children are NOT overweight when, in fact, the kids or teens really do need to lose weight. As you can imagine, this can make life difficult for kids and teens. If you’re a teen that has tried, but not been able to get support from your parent to help you lose weight, maybe this is the reason! If they don’t think you need to lose it, they’re not going to help you, right! But they could be wrong! Ask to see your doctor and let your doctor tell you the real scoop–if the doctor says you really do need to lose weight, ask for your mom or dad’s help. If they still won’t or can’t help you, you’re going to have to take steps on your own to become healthier–this could be a bit more difficult, but many teens break away from unhealthy family patterns and learn on their own how to lose weight, when they need to do so. If you are a parent, it’s important to be as objective as possible about your child’s weight. Being overweight can result in enormous physcial, emotional and social problems for your child. If it’s hard for you to provide a healthier home, ask for some help–adults need help too sometimes. Your child or teen deserves the healthiest home possible!

One Response to “Do you get family support?”

  1. Andrea Lella said

    My kids ALL need to loose some weight. They also need understand how to eat healthy and why. This lesson is hard one to learn, especially for my youngest child who has PDD.

    To help with the concept of good nutrition, I found this wonderful site through the government that REALLY teaches children and adults about healthy living.

    Below are three links. One is to a diet planner. All you need to do is enter your age, weight, height and activity level and it develops a menu guide for you.

    Another link is just for kids and it explains nutrition in a basic way.

    The third link is to a Nutrition Game just for kids. It is very fun, animated and has great sound effects, but best of all, it really teaches the concept of eating healthy.

    Let me know how you all like these sites! 🙂

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