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No more soda in school!

Posted by Dr. Susan on May 15, 2006

What do you think about the new law that’s pulling sugary drinks out of school vending machines? I’m happy that people in charge are FINALLY taking some responsibility for how hard they make it for teens and kids to be healthy. By allowing soda, candy and other junk food in school they practically tell you it’s good to eat stuff that’s bad for you. BUT, not having soda in school won’t mean that you’ll stop drinking it unless you take charge of your body and choose to stop drinking it!! So, even when you’re not in school you should reach for water, seltzer or flavored water as your first choice. Take care of your body–especially now that the weather is getting warm and you will be drinking more liquids. Put good stuff inside yourself and your body will thank you!

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More on the Girls Learn Summit

Posted by Dr. Susan on May 2, 2006

During her acceptance speech at the Girls Learn International Summit, Gloria Steinem talked about how important it is for girls to pay attention not only to the way a message is delivered to them, but also to the actual content within the message. She was talking about girls’/womens’ rights to equal education, but in fact, this is true for weight, body image and media pressure as well. It is very easy to be persuaded by the way a message is packaged (cool graphics, great marketing, a famous actress delivering the message, expensive clothing) BUT you must listen to what is being said (the CONTENT)–rather than being seduced by the delivery (the CONTEXT). Sometimes you have to pay very close attention because the message isn’t obvious. So, if the deliverer of the message (a TV commercial, actress, model, magazine) is believable or seems trustworthy, but tells you information that isn’t healthy or safe, beware! Diets that drastically restrict calories or specific nutrients (e.g. lo-carb, lo-protein) and promise incredible results (to be skinny, rather than healthy)–are an example of this. Don’t fall for it. Becoming educated is your best tool for understanding how to help yourself become healthier and more in control of your body and life. During her acceptance speech, Cindi Leive (the editor of Glamour magazine) told the girls and women in the audience to speak up when they don’t agree with something the media is telling them. She said that magazine editors can only sell ideas that the public is willing to buy–you have the power to shut down ideas that seem wrong. She’s right! so, Speak Up!!!

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Girl empowerment

Posted by Dr. Susan on May 1, 2006

As I’m sure you know by now, one of my main life goals is to empower girls to take charge of their bodies and their lives. The way to do this is through learning, through teaching your friends (and even your parents) and to make a difference in your world and that of others by questioning the media, questioning peer pressure and even examining your family life.

Last night I was priveleged to attend a fantastic event that truly represented the opportunity for girls to learn, to become empowered and to teach. It was the 2006 Summit of Girls Learn International, Inc, a non-profit initiative that involves American students in the international effort for universal girls’ education. Each Girls Learn Internationalâ„¢ Chapter is paired with a “Partner Classroom” providing quality education to girls in a community in which girls have traditionally been denied access to, or discouraged from completing, education.

Several remarkable women were given awards at this event including Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Cindi Leive (editor-in-chief Glamour mag.) and Mukhtar Mai. More about this tomorrow. Be in charge of your life and health

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