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flavored cigars and cigarettes -a health hazard in disguise

Posted by Dr. Susan on April 3, 2006

I’ve been reading a lot lately about teens smoking candy-flavored cigarettes and cigars instead of regular ones. It seems that these sweet, sugary alternatives are flavored and and marketed in a way to get kids hooked on smoking. I’m sure that girls also smoke them as a substitute for eating because they can get a “sweet”, “junkfood” fix without the calories. Don’t be fooled!! It doesn’t matter how good you make tobacco taste, it’s still bad for you. It also won’t help you to lose weight, or keep the weight off. In fact, it doesn’t really make sense to substitute one addictive behavior (eating without being hungry) for another addictive behavior (smoking). So…if you don’t smoke, don’t start and if you do smoke, start trying to stop. Stay Smart, Stay Healthy

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