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Do you let advertising make your choices for you???

Posted by Dr. Susan on March 28, 2006

WOW!!–I hate to be reporting this, but a new study by the Center on Alcohol Marketing shows that number of girls who binge drink alcohol is going UP while the rate of binge drinking by boys is going DOWN! Come on girls, what’s going on here??? The study found that girls are binge drinking hard liquor, rather than beer and that the the increase in binge-drinking is related to advertising for alcohol that they see on TV (mostly on cable stations).

It seems to me that without even realizing it, girls let themselves be more vulnerable to advertising and marketing than do boys–not just about alcohol, but about everything. Girls’ struggles to be super-skinny come from what they see on TV and in magazines; their need to wear what’s in style–also from media pressure. Now, I’m the first one to say you MUST take care of your body– put your health first. BUT this doesn’t mean you should fall for all the advertising that encourages you to doing things that are B-A-D for your body like binge drinking or feeling bad about yourself because you’re not skinny enough. Calling all girls…take control of your health and your life. Take the power away from the advertisers…stop binge drinking alcohol because not only does it cause weight gain, but it is incredibly dangerous–it can kill you!!
If you must drink, sip slowly, stop before you get drunk and never, ever drive; get in the car with someone who’s been drinking or make a major sexual decision after you’ve been drinking.
Your Health Always Comes First
Dr. Susan

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