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Do you let advertising make your choices for you???

Posted by Dr. Susan on March 28, 2006

WOW!!–I hate to be reporting this, but a new study by the Center on Alcohol Marketing shows that number of girls who binge drink alcohol is going UP while the rate of binge drinking by boys is going DOWN! Come on girls, what’s going on here??? The study found that girls are binge drinking hard liquor, rather than beer and that the the increase in binge-drinking is related to advertising for alcohol that they see on TV (mostly on cable stations).

It seems to me that without even realizing it, girls let themselves be more vulnerable to advertising and marketing than do boys–not just about alcohol, but about everything. Girls’ struggles to be super-skinny come from what they see on TV and in magazines; their need to wear what’s in style–also from media pressure. Now, I’m the first one to say you MUST take care of your body– put your health first. BUT this doesn’t mean you should fall for all the advertising that encourages you to doing things that are B-A-D for your body like binge drinking or feeling bad about yourself because you’re not skinny enough. Calling all girls…take control of your health and your life. Take the power away from the advertisers…stop binge drinking alcohol because not only does it cause weight gain, but it is incredibly dangerous–it can kill you!!
If you must drink, sip slowly, stop before you get drunk and never, ever drive; get in the car with someone who’s been drinking or make a major sexual decision after you’ve been drinking.
Your Health Always Comes First
Dr. Susan

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Who’s fault is it that you can’t lose weight?

Posted by Dr. Susan on March 20, 2006

This very interesting new article discusses whether the food-industry should be held responsible for us becoming an overweight world–after all, all the super-sized portions and two-for-ones are hard to resist, right? Actually NO!!! We should be responsible for our own health. No one is forcing us to eat too much, it isn’t a secret that too much food will make you gain weight. Packages are labeled. We just need to educate ourselves and make good choices. There are lots of healthy choices and if we choose them, we’ll send a strong message to the food-industry. Think about it, even the fast food restaurants are offering healthier choices. Use your power as a consumer to make a statement AND to be healthy!
Healthy eating will make you powerful!
Dr. Susan

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exercise isn’t an excuse to overeat

Posted by Dr. Susan on March 16, 2006

Sometimes girls tell me that they are really excited to begin exercising because they think they will lose a lot of weight really quickly. Then, they are disappointed when it doesn’t happen! Some even say they gain weight after they begin exercising and stop immediately thinking that the exercising causes the weight gain. NOT SO! Exercise can’t make you gain weight and it also can’t make you lose a lot of weight really quickly (check out this article.) It is REALLY important to exercise, but it is just one part of you plan for living a healthier life. The bottom line is if you eat more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight. If you don’t adjust your eating, or if you think you can eat more food (or extra junk food or snack food) because you’re exercising, you’re definitely going to gain weight. Eat healthily and exercise and the weight should slowly come off—that’s the best way!!
Keep Moving,
Dr Susan

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Can you beat the world-wide “fat” statistics?

Posted by Dr. Susan on March 11, 2006

A new study shows that children and teens are becoming more overweight everywhere in the world, not just in the USA!! It’s an unbelievable, global epidemic that’s affecting just about every country in the entire world! The researchers found that the main causes for weight gain are…can you guess???…..not enough exercise AND too much junk food–well that’s a no-brainer! They didn’t need research to tell us that!! They also said that an increase in snack food and fast food marketing is reaching every corner of the world, no matter how remote. This is apparently making the problem much worse. It seems that kids and teens become brainwashed into eating unhealthy foods that they see and hear about on TV, magazines, internet and radio. So…what can you do? Become educated about what the media wants you to believe–you don’t have to run out and buy every fast food or snack food that you see advertised (no matter how tempting). Your body will thank you for pausing and recognizing that TV and all the other media sources are trying to get you to spend your money on their products–they aren’t really interested in whether or not these will keep you healthy.

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Stay away from sugary drinks!

Posted by Dr. Susan on March 6, 2006

A very cool new study at Harvard had teens divided into two groups, one getting home deliveries of NON-calorie drinks (waters, artifically sweetened drinks) and promising not to buy any other drinks; and the other group being allowed to continue as they usually do. At the end of the study, the no-sugar drinks group had LOST weight overall while the still-drinking-sugared drinks group had gained some weight!! What does this tell us???? Stay away from drinks sweetened with sugar (soda, iced-tea, lemonade and all the rest). The sugar contains empty calories that cause weight gain! It’s better not to use aspertame, but some of the other artificial sweeteners are healthier (ask your doctor), but definitely drink tons of water, seltzer and flavored water!! Your body will thank you for it!! Stay healthy, be happy

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