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Your time is precious–use it well!

Posted by Dr. Susan on January 17, 2006

In February’s issue of Teen People, I am quoted as an expert in an article about how to manage your time successfully (pg 92–on news stands now). While time-management may not seem related to being healthy, it is actually really important. First–when you are always rushing around and super, over-busy, you don’t leave yourself enough time to eat healthily (yeah, that’s you chowing down a quick donut or bag of chips) or to exercise (no, running from activity to activity isn’t exercise). What’s more, you’re probably not sleeping enough either and you may not know it, but lack of sleep makes it difficult to lose weight. Seriously, I am not kidding–it’s chemical!! Check out one of these articles on or USA They both say about the same thing. So, organize your time so you can get everything in and still eat healthily, exercise and get enough rest.
Well, I’m off to work out, eat a healthy lunch and then take a nap (okay, so not the nap, but the rest is true!!)


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