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Should you weigh yourself every day?

Posted by Dr. Susan on November 11, 2005

This is an interesting question that girls ask me every day. I think that for teenage girls the answer is NO!! Weighing all the time can be really discouraging because your weight will change from day to day depending on whether you are sweating, drinking a lot of liquids or have your period–or even because your scale isn’t totally accurate. Also, weighing yourself every day can make you really obssess about losing weight which can lead to an eating disorder! It is much better to weigh yourself once a week or even once a month (around the same time of day). This way you will figure out whether you’ve lost weight without the stress and upset of seeing the scale go up and down every day.

2 Responses to “Should you weigh yourself every day?”

  1. Jen said

    This is completely true. I had to get rid of my scales altogether as I was becoming obsessive and weighing myself several times a day!

  2. Kiara said

    Interesting discussion!
    For me I can say this is also matches to me.

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