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You can be too thin!

Posted by Dr. Susan on November 24, 2005

A big kudos to Star magazine’s 11/14 issue which shows us that although it’s really important to be healthy and to lose weight when you need to–it is possible to be too thin. The Star points out that Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Whitney Houston and Daryl Hannah have all gained a few pounds and look great! Carrying extra weight can stress your heart and make it tough socially, but being too thin (and always trying to be thinner) could mean you’re at risk for an eating disorder. If you think this may be happening to you, look for help at the National Eating Disorders website. Your health is most important!

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Are 100-calorie snacks good for you?

Posted by Dr. Susan on November 12, 2005

There has been a lot of talk lately about 100-calorie snacks and whether they are helpful for people who are trying to lose weight. WebMD has a good article that talks about the positives and the negatives. The important things to know are that although most 100-calorie snacks are not necessarily healthy, they are small portions–which is really good!! You can give in to your craving without going completely overboard. So, keep a stock of 100-calorie snacks (instead of big bags or boxes of regular cookies or crackers), but don’t eat more than one bag a day because the calories still add up. Other great substitutions are bite size-chocolate bars instead of big ones and donut holes instead of donuts. If you have any great substitutions, let me know.

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Do you want to be on TV?

Posted by Dr. Susan on November 11, 2005

The Today Show is looking for overweight kids and parents for an upcoming show…click on the link.

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Should you weigh yourself every day?

Posted by Dr. Susan on November 11, 2005

This is an interesting question that girls ask me every day. I think that for teenage girls the answer is NO!! Weighing all the time can be really discouraging because your weight will change from day to day depending on whether you are sweating, drinking a lot of liquids or have your period–or even because your scale isn’t totally accurate. Also, weighing yourself every day can make you really obssess about losing weight which can lead to an eating disorder! It is much better to weigh yourself once a week or even once a month (around the same time of day). This way you will figure out whether you’ve lost weight without the stress and upset of seeing the scale go up and down every day.

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Teens and Diabetes

Posted by Dr. Susan on November 8, 2005

I just read an article in Newsday today that says that one in every six overweight teenage girls (and boys) already has pre-diabetic symptoms and is at very high risk for getting diabetes. This is an EXCELLENT reason to think about how important it is to eat healthily and get some exercise. Diabetes is a serious illness and losing weight can help you to avoid it completely. So, start slowly and begin to make some changes in your eating and exercise habits. You can do it, I know you can!!

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Welcome to my Teen Girls Blog!!!

Posted by Dr. Susan on November 8, 2005

Welcome to my blog!This is a blog for Teen Girls looking for information, help, insight on their way to a positive self image. Check back often as I plan to share lots of thoughts and great tips from my book “Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide” available soon. My book has ideas and stories by girls just like you.

Here are what some of the Advanced Reviews are saying about my book:

Forget the yo-yo diets and the magic pills. You can empower yourself to drop those pounds. Dr. Susan did something few experts bother to do. She actually listened to teenage girls – and learned from them. The result is awesome: A set of girl-tested strategies that really, really work. It’s your life we’re talking about. Who else should be in charge?—Ellis Henican, Newsday

Never patronizing and always engaging, with the experiences of her Girls’Advisory Group interwoven among concise explanations, Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide offers teenage girls inspirational tips for how to healthily eat and lose weight, recognize the signs of eating disorders, curb negative family and peer pressures and boost their self-confidence!
Cara Nissman, teen reporter, Your S.T.U.F.F., Boston Herald

Of the many books written on weight management, Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide, stands out as particularly refreshing. This is an upbeat book written specifically for adolescent girls. It gives hope and inspiration to the thousands of girls struggling with weight, body image and poor self-esteem. The information is based on a solid knowledge of adolescent nutrition, growth and development. Every adolescent girl should read it!
—Neville H. Golden, M.D.Director, Eating Disorders CenterSchneider Children’s HospitalNorth Shore—Long Island Jewish Health System, NYAssociate Professor of PediatricsAlbert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Susan wants you to become a strong and powerful young woman! In her latest book for teens, Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide, you’ll find ways to take an honest look at your self, your behaviors, and your relationships so that you can become the leader of your own life. You’ll learn how to feel good as well as look good, become physically and emotionally healthy, and realize that you are indeed a valuable and worthy person.
—Linda Lebelle, Director, Focus Adolescent Services

Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide offers you a great opportunity to takecharge of your health, your body, your life. (excepted from the Foreword)
—Angela Diaz, MD, MPH, Director, Mount Sinai Adolescent HealthCenter, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Professor of Pediatrics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide is a breath of fresh air. Girls who are struggling with weight and body image issues will find this plan practical, easy to follow, and highly motivational. It allows girls to discover that making positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle is possible!!
—Ira M. Sacker, MDFounder and Director of the HEED (Helping to End Eating Disorders) Foundation, Inc.

In today’s world, inundated with fast food and sedentary activities, girls struggle enormously to be healthy and to feel good about their bodies. Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide not only empowers girls to take charge of their own good health, it gives them the encouragement and tools to make it happen. Every girl should read this book and moms should take a look at it too.”
—Sharon Gersten Luckman, Executive Director, Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, Inc.
andFounder/Director Emeritus, Brant Lake Camp’s Dance Center for Teenage Girls

Finally! A book that speaks to teenage girls in a language they can understand and relate to. Dr. Bartell and her Girls Advisory Group have found a way to reach girls to help them understand their changing bodies and the way they perceive themselves. This book helps young women understand what body image really is. Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide has excellent advice to help empower our young women to learn to love themselves and their bodies. A must resource for anyone who lives with or works with a teenage girl!
—Jennifer Biblowitz, Ms.Ed., school counselor

Teens face a whole new world of problems today; couple that with the age-old issue of body image, and you’ll see why it’s imperative for them to have someone to confide in. Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide will be a best friend to girls who strive for healthier bodies and happier hearts. Written in an easy-to-read and fun way, the whole family may find themselves passing this book around to read Bartell’s — and her teenage advisory panel’s — advice on a typical teenager’s everyday struggles to maintain a healthy weight and break unhealthy eating patterns.
—Donna Smith, Senior Editor Family Energy Magazine

This is a timely book for teens and American families. It is full of real-life stories and practical, doable steps to change worn out, old habits. Teens will appreciate the honest talk of Dr. Susan and her teen advisors. No topic is off-limits and each is handled in a kind and gentle manner. If weight is an issue in your life, give yourself this book! Read the stories of other teens and feel their support for you. Parents concerned for their teens’ well-being can not be better served! Dr. Susan’s respectful approach, obvious working knowledge and practical, how-to advice provides your teen with the tools to take action. Parents will be grateful for the insights regarding the impact of (even well-intentioned) families on a teen’s weight struggles.
—Tut Gramling, Director,Camp Endeavor“where the active pursuit of weight management begins”

For girls who are constantly bombarded with negative body image messages, Dr. Susan’s book offers an honest, compassionate approach to what really matters: getting in touch with your inner strength. Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide masterfully addresses what few other books have: helping girls understand and identify the negative influences on their behavior and self-esteem that can cause life-long battles with self-body image. She also dares to take on parents and the negative messages they pass on to their daughters either unwittingly or deliberately. This is such a crucial piece of the body image puzzle for girls, and it’s rare for a book on this topic to acknowledge that. I’d recommend Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide to anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and been disappointed with what they see there. As Dr. Bartell so clearly indicates with her positive tone throughout, it’s never too late to learn to love the way you look and to feel good.
–Liza N. Burby, managing editor of Newsday’s Parents & Children magazine and author of Bulimia Nervosa: The Secret Cycle of Bingeing and Purging.

The search for every young girls healthier “me” ends here. Dr. Susan provides a comprehensive, smart guide for whole living. Every girl and her mother should read Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide to better understand the relationship between food, and emotional needs and behaviors. Every chapter provides tips, tools, and plans for healthier living. Dr. Susan provides her own personal experience as a teen and professional knowledge to present an understanding of the origin and solutions to our self-perception. Dr. Susan’s Girls Only-Weight Loss Guide demystifies how we feel about our bodies and our relationship with food.
—Linda Silva, MS, LMHC, Editor-in-Chief, The Parent Guide

In Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide, Bartell empowers girls to take control of their bodies and minds with words of wisdom from not only herself, but also other girls who have been there. While this book is a must-read for preteen and teen girls, it also provides parents important insight into helping their daughters through body image issues, with which so many girls struggle. More power to the parent who arms their daughter with this information!
— Elisa Ast All, Editor-in-Chief, iParentingMedia

Thank goodness a book like Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide has finally been written. Aside from teaching girls about the importance of healthy eating habits and exercise, it offers something more important—tools to form a positive self-image based on personal worth and control over their lives. Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide is a lot more than merely a young girl’s guide to a healthier body, it is truly the key to a becoming happier with herself!
—Jann Blackstone-Ford, author, Midlife Motherhood and Director, BonusFamilies

This book will greatly assist both teens and their parents with the sensitive subject of body image and management. Through “teen friendly” discussion, Dr. Bartell manages to cover all angles of the subject, informing, motivating and encouraging girls to work towards an attainable goal.
—Bev Francis, world power lifting and professional bodybuilding champion, first woman to bench press over 300 lb., Australian national shotput champion and record holder, co-author of Bev Francis’ Powerbuilding Book, owner of Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, Long Island, N.Y.

Dr. Susan’s Girls-Only Weight Loss Guide is filled with cutting-edge and evidence-based clinical advice that works! Now adolescent girls have the tools they need to grow through these years with high self-esteem, self-confidence and healthy habits to last a lifetime. The wisdom, advice, exercises and tips are conveyed with clarity, a sense of humor, a keen ear for the way our daughters speak and a “listening” heart that really knows what our daughters think and feel and hope and dream.
—Steven M. Rosman, Ph.D., L.Ac., M.S., F.A.A.I.M. Author of ten books including “Spiritual Parenting” and “Jewish Parenting Wisdom”

Dr. Susan Bartell offers preteens and teens a masterful approach to taking control of their health, weight, body image and lives. Combining wit, research and wisdom, she helps empower readers to make realistic and wise lifestyle choices—all aimed at promoting total well-being. The moving stories and personal tips of real people sharing their struggles and offering practical solutions, makes this a unique, must read book!
—Judy E. Marshel, PhD, RD, CDN, nutritionist specializing in treating eating disorders, and co-author of PMS Relief: A Natural Approach and Trouble-Free Menopause

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Dr. Susan

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